Your past year’s membership/sponsorship expires on December 31.

If financial arrangements are needed, please call (713-777-2000). Keep all receipts in order to verify your membership payment.

Membership will be confirmed only when the full membership fee is received by the office. Until then, please respect the $20 women and $5 men and keilim visit fee to the Mikveh attendant when you visit the mikveh.

Please make note of the following per visit fees that will be collected by the volunteer mikveh attendants on call.
Remember-you must call the attendant at least 24 hours in advance to schedule your appointment. The attendant will have access to the member log and will provide receipts for membership dues paid. Checks or exact change would be much appreciated for all dues/fees paid as the attendants do not have change.

On Fridays & Yom Tov, payments must be brought to the office or given to the volunteer attendant on call before Shabbos.

  • Sponsors: $259 (C/C discount $250) yearly / $3 each visit
  • Members: $130 (C/C discount $125) yearly / $5 each visit
  • Non-members or Guests: $20 each visit

Please respect these fees and pay the visit fee to the front office or in the payment box when you visit the mikveh or before Shabbos, for Shabbos morning.

  • Daily (or more than twice weekly): $360 yearly, Visits free
  • Sheini / Chamishi (twice weekly): $250 yearly, Visits free
  • Once weekly: $180 yearly, Visits free
  • Non-members or Guests: $5 each visit

Keilim Mikveh
The Keilim Mikveh makes the toiveling of dishes at counter height a pleasure.

  • Annual Membership: Free unlimited daytime use.
  • Non-members or guests: $5 each visit, 8am-3pm.

Keilim Access is not included in any Mikveh Membership. This is an additional fee.

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