Mikveh Taharas Yisroel

713-777-2000 • Hotline: 713-777-2118 • 10900 Fondren Road

NOTICE: There is now a $30 fee for off-hour appointments.

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Our Women's Mikveh houses a lovely waiting room, with three beautiful Mikveh preparation rooms, with all the amenities. 

Other programs include study groups; speakers bureau; pre-marital counseling for brides & literature.

 Women's Mikveh

Visits are by appointment only.

To schedule a Mikveh appointment for your desired time, please call the attendant at least one day - 24 hours - in advance.

לתזמון מינוי מקוה לזמן הרצוי אנא התקשרו לבלנית המתנדבת לפחות עשרים וארבע שעות מראש. 

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