ATTENTION RESIDENTS ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF W. BELLFORT : “ If a Mitzvah comes your way, do not pass it up ”

We understand that it is difficult to use the Mikvah on Friday nights. Women in our community have to make phone calls in order to find an escort or a babysitter, and this can be very uncomfortable.

If you need to use the Mikvah on a Friday night/Yom Tov, please TEXT Janice Kusin at 713-829-1594 at least 2 days in advance.

When walking to the Mikvah we suggest that you walk on Braesridge to W. Bellfort , W. Bellfort to Fondren and then Fondren to Portal.

For the summer months, please be advised that your Mikvah companion will have a short meal to be available at approx. 9pm. This is in order that T’vilah time can be scheduled for 9:15-9:30ish.

In the winter months, we request that you use the Mikvah at the earliest z’man t’vilah for that week, (30 minutes after sh’kiah) so that the walker can join her family in a timely fashion.

....So, please... Do not put off this very important Mitzvah!

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