Simchas Torah Online Auction

Dancing-Chassid.jpg2020 SIMCHAS TORAH PROGRAM:

B"H the community continues to grow and there are many guests in town for Yom Tov. For the safety of the community, we will be implementing the following program and protocols. Keeping to this program is critical so that everyone can stay safe and healthy, while having simchas Yom Tov.

  • All are expected to wear masks, keep distancing and sanitize their hands throughout the Yom Tov whenever at any minyan, indoors or outdoors. 
  • All honors will be sold only online, so if you want to participate, please bid now! To minimize exposure and for public safety, there will be no live auction on Simchas Torah itself.
  • There will be two simultaneous minyanim, outside in the tent and inside shul.
  • All food and drinks will be served and only allowed outdoors. We ask the public to please be mindful of this most critical component for the public's safety. If adults or children bring drinks or food inside, for whatever purpose, please send them back outside.
  • Families with young children should join only outside.
  • The one who buys the honor of holding a Sefer Torah will be the only one to hold that Sefer Torah. At Shemini Atzeres, Simchas Torah Eve and Simchas Torah Day, all hakafos liturgy will be done immediately one after the other and all the Torah will then be returned to the Aron Kodesh besides for one Sefer that will be laid down on the Bima until the end of the conclusion of the Hakafos. 
  • The cost of individually packaged kiddushim and the massive tent comes with great cost. We thank the many that have come forward to help participate in the over $16,000 estimated for this Yom Tov. Please contribute to the Simchas Torah Kiddush at The "honor" to sponsor the kiddush is still available as well in the auction below.
    Thank you to the sponsors so far:
    Mr. and Mrs. Amber
    Shmuli and Gila Barnett
    Pinny and Freida Bard-Wigdor
    Rich and Shoshannah Bonn
    Dr. and Mrs. Cagen
    Ben and Miriam Cotlar
    Daniel and Eta Cotlar
    Dr. David and Bayla Cotlar 
    Benji and Donna Engelhart
    Levi and Mushi Feigenson
    Danny and Rivka Fishman
    Dr. and Mrs. Fishman
    David and Perl Leah Fishman
    Felix and Sandy Frydberg
    Danny and Chani Gavin
    Peretz and Nechama Golding
    Alex and Danielle Gordon
    Avigdor and Devorah Grinshtein
    Hershel and Chaya Gross
    Sherry Harwood
    Mindy Kronman
    Avrami and Monica Israel
    Zally and Esty Lazarus
    Mr. and Mrs. Leibel Mandel
    Rabbi Betzalel and Leah Marinovsky
    Shmaya and Ilana Marinovsky
    Yossi and Yael Nathanson
    Mosheh and Eli Poltorak
    Sholom Rosenfeld

On Simchas Torah it is a time honored tradition in communities worldwide to "auction off" the honors, with the proceeds going to tzedaka in support of the Shul. This year, in an effort to accelerate the bidding process, we will begin the auction online prior to Yom Tov. For each honor, there is a minimum bid and a "Buy-Now option". Although usually all items not using the "buy-now" function will continue at the live auction on Simchas Torah morning, to minimize exposure and the public's safety there will not be a live auction this year. Of course, one may increase their bid beyond the "buy-now" option for an even greater mitzvah, with more zechusim and brochos!

The webpage will be updated periodically over the week, with final results to be posted in shul on Shmini Atzeres. The online auction will close on Hoshanah Rabbah (Friday, October 9) at 1:00 pm (now extended to 3 pm). Any items not bid on or in bidding process will continue Simchas Torah. Only "Buy-Now" options will not be offered for bid on Simchas Torah. Please forward to any of your contacts who may not receive this email who would like to participate.

Groups of people, men and women alike are offered the opportunity to bid and honor others with the actual aliyah / kibbud. One need not attend or even be in town to participate in this great mitzvah.

We look forward to your active involvement with helping make this a successful and uplifting Simchas Torah!

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Honor Minimum Bid "Buy-Now"
Only if no bid yet
Current Bid
to continue Simchas Torah unless "buy now"
Kiddush Shemini Atezeres $1,800 $3,600  
Kiddush Eve $1,800 $3,600  
Kiddush Day $1,800 $3,600 SOLD - Friends of Chabad
Safety Tent $2,500 $5,000  
Ato Horeisa $770 $1,800  
Psichas HaAron $770 $1,800  
Sefer Torah 1 $360 $1,800 SOLD - Honoring Rabbi B. Marinovsky
Sefer Torah 2 $360 $770 BID $360 - Marinovsky Children
Sefer Torah 3 $360 $770 BID $360 - Donin
Sefer Torah 4 $360 $770  
Kohen $1,000 $1,800 SOLD - Grinshtein
Levi $770 $1,000 SOLD - Honoring Danny Gavin & Zally Lazarus
Shlishi $500 $1,000 SOLD - Honoring Tomer Benshushan
Revi'i $500 $1,000

BID $600 - Nathanson/Kaufmann
AND $1000 Lax 

Kol Hanearim-Kids $1,000 $2,000  BID $1000 - B&M Cotlar
Chasan Torah $2,000 $7,500 BID $2000 - Shlyapobersky
Chasan Bereishis $2,000 $7,500 SOLD - Amber
Maftir $1,000 $2,500 SOLD - Honoring Eliezer Eber
Hagbah 1 $360 $770 BID $500 - Honoring Ezra Horowitz
Gelilah 1 $360 $770  
Hagbah 2 $360 $770  
Gelilah 2 $360 $770  
Hagbah 3 $360 $770  
Gelilah 3 $360 $770  
Ato Horeisa $770 $1,800  
Psichas HaAron $770 $1,800  
Sefer Torah 1 $360 $1,800 BID $360 - Abraham Israel
Sefer Torah 2 $360 $770 SOLD - David & Bayla Cotlar in honor of Rabbi & Rebbetzin Lazaroff
Sefer Torah 3 $360 $770 BID $360 - Samuel Kronman
Sefer Torah 4 $360 $770  
Kohen $1,000 $1,800 SOLD - $1800 Honoring Rabbi Yehudah Cagen
Levi $770 $1,000  
Shlishi $500 $1,000 BID $500 - Happy Birthday Rabbi Francis!!
Revi'i $500 $1,000 BID $500 - Cotlar
Kol Hanearim-Kids $1,000 $2,000  SOLD - Belles
Chasan Torah $2,000 $7,500 BID $2000 - Fishman Family
Chasan Bereishis $2,000 $7,500 BID $2600 - Rogatsky
Maftir $1,000 $2,500 SOLD - Fishman Family
Hagbah 1 $360 $770 BID $100 - Israel
Gelilah 1 $360 $770 BID $100 - Israel
Hagbah 2 $360 $770 BID $100 - Israel
Gelilah 2 $360 $770 BID $100 - Israel
Hagbah 3 $360 $770  
Gelilah 3 $360 $770  
Children Shul Program $1,800 $2,500  
Ner Lamaor 
$770 $1,800 SOLD - Honoring Rabbi S. Lazaroff
Yayin L'kiddush Ulhavdalla $360 $770  
Pas L'orchim 
(Hospitality Coordination)
$360 $770  
Tzedaka L'aniyim $770 $1,800  
Security - Tishrei $1000 $2,000 SOLD - Honoring David Fishman
Security - Cheshvan $770 $1,000  
Security - Kislev $770 $1,000 SOLD - Friends of Chabad
Security - Teves $770 $1,000  
Security - Shevat $770 $1,000  
Security - Adar $770 $1,000  
Security - Nisan $1000 $1,800 SOLD - Friends of Chabad
Security - Iyar $770 $1,000  
Security - Sivan $770 $1,000  
Security - Tammuz $770 $1,000  
Security - Av $770 $1,000  
Security - Elul $770 $1,000 SOLD - Friends of Chabad