Simchas Torah Online Auction

Dancing-Chassid.jpgOn Simchas Torah it is a time honored tradition in communities worldwide to "auction off" the honors, with the proceeds going to tzedaka in support of the Shul. This year, in an effort to accelerate the bidding process, we will begin the auction online prior to Yom Tov. For each honor, there is a minimum bid and a "Buy-Now option". All items not using the "buy-now" function will continue at the live auction on Simchas Torah morning. Of course, one may increase their bid beyond the "buy-now" option for an even greater mitzvah, with more zechusim and brochos!

The webpage will be updated periodically over the week, with final results to be posted in shul on Shmini Atzeres. The online auction will close on Hoshanah Rabbah (Friday, October 6) at 1:00 pm. Any items not bid on or in bidding process will continue Simchas Torah. Only "Buy-Now" options will not be offered for bid on Simchas Torah. Please forward to any of your contacts who may not receive this email who would like to participate.

Groups of people, men and women alike are offered the opportunity to bid and honor others with the actual aliyah / kibbud. One need not attend or even be in town to participate in this great mitzvah.

We look forward to your active involvement with helping make this a successful and uplifting Simchas Torah!

Multiple "buy-now" submittals in between periodic webpage updates will be notified and given the option to raise their bids in a silent auction.

  • We thank the many that have come forward to help participate in the over $35,000 estimated for this Yom Tov. Please contribute to the Simchas Torah Kiddush at
    Mr. and Mrs. Amber
    Shmuli and Gila Barnett
    Asher Moshe and Masha Belles
    Zushe and Chani Bettoun
    Rich and Shoshana Bonn
    Dr. and Mrs. Cagen
    Dr. and Mrs. Cotlar
    Ben and Miriam Cotlar
    Daniel and Eta Cotlar
    Levy and Laykie Donin
    Yossi and Gitty Eber
    Levi and Mushie Feigenson
    Reuven & Miriam Fishelberg
    Avrami and Mushkie Fishman
    Dr. and Mrs. Fishman
    Felix and Sandy Fryberg
    Brian and Dana Gavin
    Danny and Chani Gavin
    Shmuel and Geulah Gniswisch
    Danny and Elisheva Golani
    Dana Golani
    Mike and Rivka Greenberg
    Linda Grodner
    Hershel and Chaya Gross
    Lee and Rachel Gross
    Sherry Harwood
    Eza and Kaila Horowitz
    Monica Israel
    Shmueli and Chana Leiba Karp
    Zally and Esty Lazarus
    Pablo and Sadra Lutenberg
    Rabbi and Mrs. Marinovsky
    Ari and Chana Marinovsky
    Shmaya and Ilana Marinovsky
    Mordechai and Chava Merke
    Netanel & Nati Moshel
    Yossi and Yael Nathanson
    Brian and Tirtza Orgis
    Mosheh and Eli Poltorak
    Abe and Chaya Rogatsky
    Ron Shapiro
    Yehudit Turjman
    Levi and Chani Wilschanski
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Multiple "buy-now" submittals in between periodic webpage updates
will be notified and given the option to raise their bids in a silent auction.

Honor Minimum Bid "Buy-Now"
Only if no bid yet
Current Bid
to continue Simchas Torah unless "buy now"
Psicha for Geshem $770 $1,800 SOLD - Benshushan
Kiddush Shemini Atezeres $1,800 $3,600 Community - in progress
Kiddush Eve $1,800 $3,600 Community - in progress
Kiddush Day $1,800 $3,600 Community - in progress
Ato Horeisa $770 $1,800  
Psichas HaAron $770 $1,800  
Sefer Torah 1 $360 $1,800 SOLD - Chaim Grinshtein
Sefer Torah 2 $360 $770  
Sefer Torah 3 $360 $770  
Sefer Torah 4 $360 $770  
Sefer Torah 5 $360 $770  
Sefer Torah 6 $360 $770  
Sefer Torah 7 $360 $770  
Sefer Torah 8 $360 $770  
Sefer Torah 9 $360 $770  
Kohen $1,000 $1,800  
Levi $770 $1,000 SOLD - Levi Gavin in honor of my Zaida Gavin
Shlishi $500 $1,000 SOLD - Fishelberg
Revi'i $500 $1,000

SOLD - Benshushan

Kol Hanearim-Kids $1,000 $2,000  SOLD - Shlyapobersky 
Chasan Torah $2,000 $10,000 SOLD - Barnett
Chasan Bereishis $2,000 $10,000 SOLD - Amber
Maftir $1,000 $2,500 SOLD - Fishman Family
Hagbah 1 $360 $770 BID $360 - Lutenberg In honor of Danny Fishman for all of his efforts towards the 6:45 am weekly minyan and those who support it and make it possible! Thank you!
Gelilah 1 $360 $770  
Hagbah 2 $360 $770  
Gelilah 2 $360 $770  
Hagbah 3 $360 $770 BID - $360 David Cotlar
Gelilah 3 $360 $770  
Children Shul Program $1,800 $2,500  
Ner Lamaor 
$770 $1,800 SOLD - Benshushan
Yayin L'kiddush Ulhavdalla $360 $770 SOLD - Orgis
Pas L'orchim 
(Hospitality Coordination)
$360 $770  
Tzedaka L'aniyim $770 $1,800 SOLD - Orgis
Security - Tishrei $1000 $2,500  
Security - Cheshvan $770 $1,500 SOLD - Y. Nathanson
Security - Kislev $770 $1,500 SOLD - S. Cagen 
Security - Teves $770 $1,500  
Security - Shevat $770 $1,500  
Security - Adar $770 $1,500  
Security - Nisan $1000 $2,000  
Security - Iyar $770 $1,500  
Security - Sivan $770 $1,500  
Security - Tammuz $770 $1,500  
Security - Av $770 $1,500  
Security - Elul $770 $1,500