~ Torah Day School ~


January 11, 2007

Dear Parents,

            It’s a pleasure to announce our upcoming groundbreaking! With a lot of construction and patience on all our parts, we will have a lovely, updated facility.

            To accommodate the construction equipment we are changing our carpool procedures as of Wednesday, January 17 . A map is below for your reference.


  • Drop off and pick up will begin at 7600 Portal (the Lazaroff home); there will be a sign to indicate where to begin.  NOTE: ALL CARS MUST ENTER PORTAL FROM FONDREN; ALL CARS EXIT BY CONTINUING WEST ON PORTAL (TOWARD BRAESRIDGE); NO U TURNS ON PORTAL IN ANY DIRECTION.
  • Cars will line up in the right lane; students will be loaded only in the sidewalk side of the car.
  • The school side of Portal is only used for carpool; there is no parking in this area.
  • Students will be dismissed through the far end (entrance driveway) of the existing parking lot down to Portal.
  • Students will be dismissed promptly by their teachers at 3:40 pm to be ready to load cars EXACTLY at 3:45 pm. Promptness is essential as staff will load as many cars as possible to alleviate congestion on Portal.
  • Parents of preschoolers in aftercare should be the first ones to arrive for carpool as it is hard for the younger children to wait.
  • Students will be reminded to take all possessions before leaving the building and will not be allowed to return. If you must return to the building for any reason, parents must park and escort his/her child back into the building.
  • Parents of any student left after allotted carpool time will find parking and come in the building to sign out their child.
  • There will be a police officer on duty at 8:00 am, 2:15 pm and 3:40 pm to expedite traffic.
  • Signs will be posted.


  • Arrivals will be in the same location and following the same procedures as the dismissals. Again, students are unloaded only on the sidewalk side of the car.
  • Children enter the building from Portal through far end of the lot (entrance gate).
  • If there is no supervisor to receive a child, parents must park the car in the parking lot across the street and escort the child into the school.


Adults and visitors must use the temporary adult entrance at the corner of Fondren and Portal.


If you have any questions, please contact the office. Thank you.