Year round the Shul provides a haven for all to come daven, learn and enjoy all sorts of programs, with open doors for young and old. Members allow the Shul to provide an open door policy while covering its ever growing regular maintenance, surprise emergency major repairs and utility expenses.

The annual membership dues of a minimum of $1200 or more are greatly appreciated. The annual membership drive is only a partial effort to bridge the major gap in costs. Your additional contributions, in addition to membership, lighten the tremendous burden the Shul incurs annually.

Your membership benefits include:

  • Supporting your shul

  • Two reserved seats on the Yomim Noraim (High Holidays)
    (Additional seats available for members for $78 each. Non-members reserved seats available for a $104 nominal donation).

  • Discounted Shul prices for major simchos

  • An access card to the shul’s secured doors and parking lot.

The success of our Shul depends and thrives on friendships such as yours. It is only with your help and participation that we were able to continue, and enjoy all of the benefits of our newly expanded Chabad Lubavitch Center. By your commitment to a long-term partnership, you help us to realize our grandest dreams.

May the Almighty repay you with His abundant and infinite blessings for good health, joy and much success in all your endeavors, and true Yiddishe nachas from your family.

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