Chabad Lubavitch Center's Shul is the heart of Chassidic life in Houston, fostering Torah learning, gatherings, and meaningful experiences, filling life with daily purpose.

Your shul also is the epicenter of Chabad Lubavitch of Texas, Torah Day School, Mikvaos, Camp Gan Israel, and more. Yearly shul membership starts at $1200, sustaining many activities and programs.

I am also please to share that this year, Chazzan Sholom Ber Rabin joins us for the Yomim Noraim.

Membership benefits:

- Shul support
- Reserved Yomim Noraim seats
(Additional seats available for members for $78 each. Non-members reserved seats available for a $104 nominal donation).
- Discounted Shul rates for simchos
- Secured access card

Chabad Lubavitch Center
Membership Dues
10900 Fondren Road
Houston, Texas 77096

With brochos of health, joy, and success to your family.

Kesiva Vachasima Tova,

Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff

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