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Rosh HashanaServices with Chabad are designed to make everyone feel welcome and at home. The prayers, conducted with Hebrew/English prayer-books, are lively, engaging and inclusive – spiced with inspiring tunes and insightful explanations throughout – allowing all to absorb the experience at their own level. Whether you consider yourself Reform or Conservative, Orthodox or unaffiliated, Sefardi or Ashkenazi, well-versed or unversed; at Chabad, the labels and classifications fall away – as all stand equally beloved before G‑d. Sermons and announcements likewise speak to all participants, and are always, relevant, stimulating and enlightening.

No Membership

Shofar (small)Services are open to all Jews from all walks of life – regardless of background, level of observance or affiliation. The Chabad credo centers on the concept of Ahavat Yisroel – the love and acceptance of a fellow Jew without judgment or preconditions. It is this spirit of unity and sense of belonging that permeates the entire atmosphere throughout all services, meals and special gatherings of Chabad’s High Holidays throughout Houston. This “no membership” policy also applies to all services, classes and programs throughout the course of the year at any of Chabad's four Houston area branches. Our doors and our hearts are always open to you.


PrayerChabad’s rabbis tend to break the mold of traditional rabbinical stereotypes with their warmth, dynamism, humor, spirit and approachability. A full crew of Rebbetzins, youth directors, educators and floor greeters are also on hand to ensure the smooth running of every aspect of the services and maximum comfort of all participants.


Convenient Locations

MachzorHigh Holiday Services will be held at ten convenient Houston area locations. Participants and Rabbis may be different, you will find the same personal, warm environment wherever you may join. Please click on the links below for each locations individual service schedule as times and services offered may vary.