Dear Mikveh Patron,

Mikveh Taharas Yisroel, now in its 34th year of operation, is pleased to have you as one of its patrons. Thank G‑d, for the past thirty-four years; our mikveh has seen great success in attracting a broad spectrum of women from the Houston Jewish community. As a result of this success, we have separate men's and women's mikvehs, that have implemented a system that has enhanced the mikveh’s proper halachic use, cost of operation, efficiency, and laws of modesty.

Please take a few moments to read through the important links mentioned below.

Thanks to the generosity of various individuals of our community we have volunteer mikveh attendants, who have been specially trained and have been selflessly dedicated to oversee the mikveh use on their designated evening over the past few years.

May all of the tevillos bring only brochos.

The Mikveh Committee

Mrs. Miriam Fishman
Mrs. Chiena Lazaroff
Mrs. Fraydee Wender