Shofar this Rosh Hashana_.pngShofar this Rosh Hashana?

Many in our community will be at home for Rosh Hashana this year.

If this is you, how will you be able to hear the Shofar in person?

We are here for you. Chabad throughout the Houston area will have Shofar services in our centers and in many public outdoor areas on the second day of Rosh Hashana, Sunday, September 20.

The first day of Rosh Hashana is on Shabbat and Shofar is not sounded.


Efforts are being made to reach those who are homebound as well.

For times and places near your home, or to request homebound Shofar sounding, call the Chabad center near you or register below.

If you know the laws of Shofar sounding, can sound the Shofar accurately and would like to volunteer to go to locations nearby please call the Chabad center near you or register below.
 Thank you very much!
May we merit that even before Rosh Hashana, this illness will depart and all who are unhealthy from all illness will recover fully.
May you be inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life for a Healthy, Happy, and Sweet New Year.