Chabad to Open Hebrew School for 2003-04 school year

Jewish Herald Voice, Houston, Texas June 12, 2003 Pg. 23

Chabad Lubavitch Center is opening of a new program – the Chabad Hebrew School.

Around the world, Chabad is dedicated to making the richness of Jewish heritage accessible to the contemporary Jews no matter their level of observance. In an effort to further promote Jewish education to all elements of the community, this initiative will bring more Jewish children in Houston to an awareness of their heritage. “This program has the unaffiliated primarily in mind,” explains Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff, the program director of Chabad Lubavitch Center, “therefore, tuition is affordable and synagogue membership is not required.”

Jewish education has been proven to be a key factor in Jewish continuity. Chabad’s goal is to make it accessible to everyone. “There are many parents who are not ready to make the commitment to enroll their children in a full-service Day School,” explains Mrs. Chanie Lazaroff, the Hebrew School director. “This program will offer a first taste of Jewish learning in a fun, upbeat, and interesting environment.”

The curriculum and approach used by Chabad Hebrew Schools nationally has been developed and has seen great success. “I only wish my Hebrew school experience was as special as my daughter's”, says a mother in Central New Jersey.

Bill & Randy Aaron of Alberta, Clagary agree, “The school has a very gentle but effective introduction to the Hebrew language”, Bill explains, “and supplies a fun way to learn and gain a love for Judaism.”

Morah Chanie, as Chanie Lazaroff is affectionately called by her students, explains how drama, song, interactive workbooks, computers and the Internet will all be part of the medium to bring the information to life. The hands-on learning style will encourage children to be active, rather than passive, learners. The curriculum will give the children mastery of Hebrew language skills, knowledge of and appreciation for basic texts, knowledge of Jewish history within the context of world history and understanding the Jewish calendar and life cycle.

The curriculum’s success will not just be in the materials used but also in the staff selected. Every teacher of the Chabad Hebrew School lives and breathes what he or she teaches. They are trained to use the multi-sensory curriculum, designed to connect with the child at his or her most comfortable learning method.

The Chabad Hebrew School will take a unique approach to Bar/Bat Mitzvah training, regardless of where the celebration and service will be taking place. The school’s emphasis in preparing B’nai Mitzvah is to foster awareness that this milestone is only the beginning of Jewish life. Each child will be provided the tools necessary to function as a Jew no matter what life brings.

At Chabad Hebrew School, families of all backgrounds and affiliations will be made to feel welcome.  Hebrew School classes will be held on Sundays, and are offered for children aged 5-13. Plans for the school are well underway and registration is now open. To schedule an appointment to see what the Chabad Hebrew School is all about, please call Rabbi Chaim or Chanie Lazaroff, the Hebrew School directors, at 713/777-2000 or email [email protected].