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Engagement L'Chaim - Grinshtein

Wednesday, 27 June, 2007 - 1:24 pm

We are happy to invite the community on
 this coming Motzei Shabbos for a 

Melavah Malka/L’Chaim in Houston
for the engagement of
Shira Kazilksy and Aron Grinshtein 

at the home of
Avigdor and Devorah Grinshtein
10806 VickiJohn Circle
at 9:30 pm. 

A Dairy Buffet will be served. 

Anybody who would like to share a good Bal Shem Tov story is welcome to prepare so we can have some fun in our celebration and good stories this coming Saturday night.

In their honor a Light Kiddush will also be served this Shabbos Parshas Balak, after davening at 10 am.

Comments on: Engagement L'Chaim - Grinshtein

shlomo and Leah Winard wrote...

Hi Aron and Shira,

A hearty Mazel Tov to one and all. May you only have happiness and joy throughout your lives and your children's lives.

Shlomo and Leah Winard
1705 President St., #2
Brooklyn, New York 11213

David Avraham Kletz wrote...

Shira & Aron,

Mazel Tov.

David Avraham Kletz
skype: david.kletz