At this time, we are no longer accepting mechiras keilim submissions. 

The Mechiras Keilim Solution was developed to assist those in desperate need for Pesach only.
As the emergency develops we will assess if there is a need to reopen the mechiras keilim.

For those who sold your keilim through our mikveh, you will receive an email when the keilim are bought back.

Dear Community,

These few weeks have brought upon us unprecedented challenges to regular Jewish life. A rather simple, yet complex, problem has arisen on how to deal with the many who must buy new dishes and cooking utensils for Pesach, yet do not have a mikvah to immerse them in, as the dish mikvah is closed.

The following is a leniency that should be relied on only if one can not practically make it to the ocean to immerse the dishes and / or utensils and kashering needed items from chametz is also not an option.

Jewish owned dishes and utensils need to be immersed in a mikvah. However, a Jew may use a kosher dish or utensil that is owned by a non-Jew as it does not require mikvah immersion. Therefore, Jewish law allows one in difficult circumstances, as we are certainly at this time, to give the utensils to a non-Jew, and then borrow it back. This is only if one will actually eventually immerse it in a mikvah when the opportunity arises.

Please complete the form below when you actually have the utensil on hand. We will be making the sale around four times a week. We will let you know when the sale is completed, at which time you will be allowed to use it.

When the mikvah will iy”h reopen we will buy it back from the non-Jew and you will then be required to clean well and immerse the dish, without a bracha.

We wish everyone a Kosher & Freilechen Pesach.