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Mikveh Taharas Yisroel

713-777-2000 • Hotline: 713-777-2118 • 10900 Fondren Road

Our Women's Mikveh houses a lovely waiting room, with three beautiful Mikveh preparation rooms, with all the amenities. 

Other programs include study groups; speakers bureau; pre-marital counseling for brides & literature.

 Women's Mikveh

Visits are by appointment only.
To schedule a Mikveh appointment for your desired time, please call the attendant at least one day - 24 hours - in advance.

לתזמון מינוי מקוה לזמן הרצוי אנא התקשרו לבלנית המתנדבת לפחות עשרים וארבע שעות מראש. 

Please call 713-777-2118 or click here for the attendant calendar

Information on attendants systems, mikvah hotline, security procedures, access cards, supplies & cleanliness, Tevillas Keilim (dishes), Dues & Fees, Shailos, and Friday night companion calendar
A seperate Men's mikvah is available for ritual use.
Pay you mikveh dues and fees here!
First Dishes Mikveh in Houston makes the toveling of dishes a pleasure!
Check who is on call each day of the week for this month. Please call attendant at least one day in advance!
Please see attached map describing entry to the dishes mikveh, men & women's mikveh.