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YouTube Clips

YouTube Clips


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~ YouTube Video Clips ~

Tilt Wall Panels & Structural Steel


 The dishes Mikvah - You have got to see the "blooper"! 

 The Dishes Mikvah - The Full version....


 Plumbing, Forming & Pouring Grade Beams, Slab and "Vessel Ramp"

 Drilling and Belling for the Piers

 Compacting dirt over electric supply

 Centerpoint relocates electric supply

 Electricians unload wire for new panels



Bobcat & Tractor cleaning the mess they made


Bobcat tearing up parking lot

Short crowd shot of the groundbreaking ceremony on Sun. Feb. 4, 2007

Teardown of the Western Wall! (OK, OK of Chabad Lubavitch Center...)

Removing the lamp!