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Outlying Cities

Outlying Cities


~ Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas ~

Kosher in Outlying Texas Cities


Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff, Rav Hamachshir
Cong. Chabad Lubavitch Center

Rabbi Betzalel Marinovsky, Administrator

10900 Fondren Road
Houston, Texas 77096

Here are some outlying citites that have supermarkets with slightly larger kosher food sections. Check before you go, as information may have changed!

If information, or a city you know of, is not listed here, please let us know!


HEB - 901 Trenton Road (956) 618-0073
Has a freezer section of Kosher food, (pizza, meats, microwave dinner) and a small dry good section.

College Station

Kroger - 2412 Texas Ave. 979-693-9974
Has a freezer section of Kosher food, and a small dry good section.

HEB - 1900 Texas Ave. South 979-693-0361
Standard Dry Goods (not a large selection)

Albertsons - 615 East University Drive 979-260-4200
Standard Dry Goods (not a large selection)
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