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Dedication Dinner with Yoel Sharabi

Dedication Dinner with Yoel Sharabi



   You are cordially invited to attend our

Chabad Lubavitch Center Dedication Dinner

Sunday, Yud-Tes Kislev - December 6, 2009, 5770

Chabad Lubavitch Center
10900 Fondren Road
Houston, Texas
(About the dinner)

 5:30 pm - Reception & Dinner

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Chabad Lubavitch of Texas Founders’ Award

Dr. David & Bayla Cotlar         Dr. Irving & Miriam Fishman
(Personal Message from Honorees)

Featuring Master of Israeli & Chassidic Music
Yoel Sharabi

Alan Gover        Victor & Devorah Grinshtein
Stuart & Carol Nelkin        Stephen Joel Weiss, MD

Couvert $180 person / $360 couple

Black Tie Optional
Valet Parking Available 

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Honorary Dinner Committee*

Kobi & Yaffa Baryam
Jacques & Denise Benros
Dr. Jack & Sally Cotlar
David & Cela Cukierman
Nat & Debra Eisenberg
David & Masha Fink
Arnaldo & Dalia Frydman
Dr. Ori & Daniella Hampel

Ian & Karen Hurwitz
George & Mindy Kronman
Eli Lax
Dr. Zev & Susan Munk
Dr. Jorge & Deborah Raichman
Harry & Riva Schneider
Dr. Arthur & Sharon Taitel


Dinner Committee*

Ina Baskin
Masha Belles 
Laykie Donin
Ady Fisberg
Keren Flores
Janelle Freilich
Steve Hunker

Jen Hunker
Bracha Kinskey
Michael Kronman
Dena Radinsky
Debbie Shagalow
 Hanan Yadin




* Committees in formation  

Yoel Sharabi

Jewish Entertainer

Yoel Sharabi, a native Sabra, has captivated his audiences with his wide repertoire and his dynamic style.

He is a master of Modern Israeli, Classic Yemenite, and popular Chassidic melodies. Yoel delivers his songs in a variety of languages and styles. His charisma brings an excitement to his music that is hard to contain.

In concert halls and on stages throughout the world, Yoel's performances have brought an enthusiasm that is unparalleled.
Along with his singing, Yoel is an accomplished musician. He is a skilled guitarist and can hammer out an intricate tune on a Dumbek. Yoel is most widely known for his simultaneous playing of two flutes in perfect harmony, which has been called "magica".

And now we have him for you!