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Life & Legacy

Life & Legacy


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 Planned Giving to Chabad
Make Your Legacy a Jewish Future 

Your Moment. Your Legacy. Your Chabad. 
Texas Friends of Chabad Lubavitch.

This is your moment to hold hands across the generations. This is your moment to ensure Jewish continuity. This is your moment to leave a Jewish Legacy.

Texas Friends of Chabad Lubavitch has provided for the needs of Texas Jews since 1972. Imbued with the spirit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Texas Friends of Chabad Lubavitch welcomes all Jews of all backgrounds, and has pioneered ways to make communities better, for decades.

From providing a warm home away from home on college campuses, to educating children in day schools and Sunday schools, to helping those with special needs, to bringing light to those in the dark confines of prison, to visiting the sick, to being your friend, counselor, or confidant, Texas Friends of Chabad Lubavitch is there for you.  

With tremendous Ahavas Yisroel, love of our fellow Jew, your Chabad creates a warm and welcoming place where friendships are made and continue onto the next generation. 

Leaders of communities around and outside of Texas come from your Chabad. From Houston to El Paso, North Carolina to Boston, South Africa to Jerusalem, we inspire, educate, and motivate everyone to be a lamp-lighter of Jewish souls around the world.

Your Chabad impacts every facet of your friends’ lives, from birth and circumcisions, to bar and bas mitzvos, to marriage, to the good times and the hard times until 120 and beyond. People just like you look to us to ensure Jewish continuity for themselves, their children, and their grandchildren. 

Only your Texas Friends of Chabad Lubavitch has the global reach and local touch you need. We are always open, and we always answer your call. We are here for you. Always.

Your Chabad can succeed only with your help.

Legacy Giving to Texas Friends of Chabad Lubavitch builds Judaism where it is needed most, here at home. This is your moment to make a difference. When you join with Texas Friends of Chabad Lubavitch through the loving act of making a Legacy Gift, you will be leading your community to a strong and vibrant future. This is your moment, please join us!

Click here to complete your letter of intent. Please complete and return this form to Asher Belles, Rabbi Chaim or Dana Gavin

Questions?  Contact us or speak to Asher Belles, Rabbi Chaim or Dana Gavin


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