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Notes from the front lines

Thursday, 8 September, 2005 - 9:08 pm

Here are the text messages we received from Guy Simani who took up the two RVs to the "front lines" in New Orleans:

09/08/05 8:55 pm
From: Simani, Guy
5 jewish lives were saved today from no

09/08/05 8:50 pm
From: Simani, Guy
7 torah scrolls wer rescued! 1 will be sent to 770 and the rest r going 2 Houston

09/08/05 5:27 pm
From: Simani, Guy

09/08/05 4:37 pm
From: Simani, Guy

09/08/05 4:38 pm
From: Simani, Guy

09/08/05 2:33 pm
From: Simani, Guy

09/08/05 2:28 pm
From: Simani, Guy

09/08/05 1:48 pm
From: Simani, Guy
Ive never seen so much chessed being done in such a small time span. Im capturing as much as i can on film.

09/08/05 1:38 pm
From: Simani, Guy
We r now working w the group, finding jews and giving kosher food at shelters

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