Quick list of efforts acheived

Thursday, 8 September, 2005 - 1:15 pm

Here is an update for now....

Chabad in Houston has:

  • Assisted in the initial setup of the Astrodome
  • Chabad in Houston coordinated two RVs to go to the "front lines" in New Orleans to assist our team rescuing victims there. They will be bringing back Sifrei Torah rescued from New Orleans.
  • Chabad has been working around the clock and has located countless families and connected them with their worried loved ones.
  • Chabad has already rented and assigned familes to 10 housing units. We are currently seeking furniture for them.
  • Chabad's Aishel House is providing housing and chaplaincy for patients and their families who have been evacuated from Louisiana.
  • Chabad has built a database of over 250 volunteers ready to assist in a myriad of ways, with housing, food, and clothing
  • Chabad's Torah Day School has accepted (as of now) 10 students tuition free. $71,600 of free Jewish education.
  • And this incomplete list will continue to grow...
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