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ANNOUNCEMENT: Sub on the Way Mobile Restaurant

Tuesday, 18 March, 2008 - 3:51 pm

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
11 Adar II, 5768
Kashrus Announcement
Sub on the Way is a new establishment under the Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas. It is certified as Glatt Kosher, Pas Yisrael & Bishul Yisroel.  Every individual and catered take-out products must bear certifying label. They will have Subs, Sandwiches, Beef, Chicken & Seafood. The Mobile Resturaunt Truck will generally be parked at the Solomon Mechanic Shop at 4502 Beechnut corner Newcastle and is available for all of your on-site catering needs.  Call orders to 713-478-9639 or 832-206-6292
All certifications apply only to food served at establishments or packaging received sealed with certifying label.  
It does not include outside catering other than products served from the Sub on the Way mobile unit.
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