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TDS Exciting Preschool Program for 18 mos- 4 yr olds

Tuesday, 5 June, 2007 - 11:34 pm

Torah Day School is proud to announce a new Enrichment Program.  Directed by Mrs. Chanie Lazaroff, Fun with Foreign Folkways, will give the preschoolers a head start in geography and world travel as he or she explores the cultures and the people of the world. Guests, native to the specific country studied, will visit the classroom to present first-hand information.

Through the global economy, the internet, and more, the world has become a smaller place.  Torah Day School Early Childhood Center’s curriculum will broaden a child’s horizons to encompass the world’s varied countries and cultures. Departures will be from ‘Torah Day School International Airport’ regularly.  All travelers will celebrate on Fridays with a Shabbat party in an exotic location!  Passports will be stamped for entry to each new country (child-created suitcases will be in hand). Student travelers will follow an itinerary of education and fun.  ‘Tour’ lengths will vary depending on the country we’re visiting.  Destinations include: Africa, Alaska, China, Egypt, England, France, Israel, Italy, Persia and Russia.

Harvard University’s Dr. Howard Gardner theorized that there are (at least) eight learning intelligences, and each child has his/her own unique blend.  A child will connect with, and experience, an otherwise distant place through song/music, literature, art, drama, puppetry, cuisine, dance and movement indigenous to that country satisfying all the intelligences.

Let’s take a visit to Africa for an example!  The classroom will be transformed into an African jungle. The students will go on a safari to the African savannah as our scientific learners compare hot and cold objects. Through dramatic play, the students will transform themselves to animals wearing an assortment of masks. The literacy corner will be filled with an assortment of jungle/safari books, which the students may read at their own leisure. They will also write postcards to their friends and relatives back home, describing their ‘travel’ experiences. Developing their language skills, the teachers will focus on new vocabulary words. The children will practice interpersonal skills as they greet each other with a hearty “jambo” (hello). The ever popular ‘Catch the Snake by the Tail’ will advance gross motor skills and practice on a real bongo drum will help develop rhythm. The students will imitate the teacher’s sounds with their own movements, and will create their very own bongo drums. The budding musicians will enjoy the elephant’s special song inviting his friends to come and play with him. As an open-ended art project, the students will practice their fine motor skills by gluing their own jungle collage.  Even snacks will incorporate the theme. After an exhilarating visit to Africa the weary travelers are ready to pack suitcases, mount the Jeep and head back to the airport.

Fun with Foreign Folkways is scheduled for take-off beginning August 27th, 2007.  Daily departures are scheduled for: 8:45 am – 12:00 noon or 2:15 pm. (boarding at 8:00 am). Extended flights (2:15-3:45 pm) are available. 

Torah Day School Early Childhood Center’s program offers a varied and stimulating program for 18 months through four-year-old children. A unique combination of general and Judaic education through the interrelation of subject material emphasizes Judaism's relevance today.  Torah Day School Early Childhood Center’s belief of teaching the whole child is most successful when there is a partnership between the parents and the school.  Monthly parenting workshops, active parental involvement and regular progress reports strengthen the child’s achievements.  For reservations, rates and gate information please call: 713-777-2000 or visit www.tdshouston.org


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a parent wrote...

this is so exciting. what a wonderful program!