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Fly to NY for Gimmel Tamuz for $188 Round Trip!

Wednesday, 30 May, 2007 - 10:13 am



To all who want to go to the Rebbe for Gimmel Tammuz,


Fly to NY for $188 Round Trip!


1) Go to Expedia.com or click Expedia Booking Link
2) Enter your dates but as a one way ticket. Travel between May 25–June 26, 2007.
3) On Pricing Page Enter the coupon code Jetblue36  and click "Apply and reprice"
4) Purchase Ticket
5) Expedia is only allowing each credit card to use this coupon one time. In order to use it more than once you will need to use multiple credit cards.


Remember to book each way as a separate booking to save $72 on each round trip that you book!!!


Please let us know by posting on the online bulletin or privately by email to  [email protected] if you are planning on being by the Ohel for Shabbos before Gimmel Tammuz or are planning to Come on Monday night. We are planning on having a program and want to plan accordingly.  


Much success on your preparations for the holy day of Gimmel Tammuz.



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