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Chanukah hammer time: TDS students build menorahs at Home Depot workshop

Thursday, 22 December, 2011 - 2:19 pm

SOURCE: JHVonline.com



Torah Day School students loved building their own menorahs. Front: Avi Cin, Raphael Leonard, Yehuda Tanenbaum, Daniel Frydman, Nosson Cotlar, Sammy Mandl and Avremy Goldstein. Back: Rabbi Yaacov Vidal, Elan Leonard, Gal Doron, Lior Matzree, Mendy Donin, Menachem Fishman, Chaim Gerlitz, Isaac Dobin, Ari Feigenson, Sholom Lazaroff and Yoeli Donin.




Nosson Cotlar is a Jewish carpenter.

So are all of his middle school classmates from Torah Day School who, on Friday, Dec. 16, built wooden, tabletop menorahs for Chanukah during a workshop at a Home Depot in Southwest Houston.

“It was really cool,” said a kippah-clad, orange-aproned Nosson, between hammer blows.

“I learned a lot of important tips on how to build things. It was very fun to take a bunch of parts and make them into one,” said the 11-year-old Nosson.

TDS boys’ division head Rabbi Yaacov Vidal designed the workshop – the first of its kind for the Fondren-area school.

“I wanted the students to do something for Chanukah that they could use later,” Rabbi Vidal told the JHV.

The rabbi designed the menorah and made arrangements with the Home Depot at W. Bellfort and Chimney Rock to host the workshop. A workspace was carved out near the store’s entrance and some 20 students, joined by a few store employees, pounded away on the project for the better part of an hour.

By project’s end, each student had built his own kosher menorah that can be kindled on Chanukah either with candles or oil. The students also will have the option to wire their holiday lampstand with electrical lights next week during a follow-up workshop at the school with an electrician, Rabbi Vidal noted.

Students said they loved the hands-on project.

“I think it’s a really nice thing to do for Chanukah,” said Sammy Mandl, 11. “I’m glad we get to do this because I like building things, and I hope we get to do this another time next year.”

Yoeli Donin, 11, agreed.

“I loved hammering in the nails. It was awesome building our own menorahs. Thank you, Rabbi Vidal, for planning this great experience,” Yoeli said.

The rabbi, in turned, gave a big thank you to Home Depot and its staff for making the workshop possible.

Yehuda Tanenbaum, 13, said during the building process that it was “fun to see how it all comes together to become, well, a menorah.” 

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