RITA: Our doors remained opened

Wednesday, 28 September, 2005 - 2:20 pm

When Chabad recognized the displaced persons issue from the hurricane Rita evacuation we launched a country wide campaign through the Chabad network that anyone who knows anyone that is on the road, let them know that there is an address to turn to among the eleven Chabad branches in Texas and over 900 throughout the country. This is a promo on that appeared throughout the country:

Our phones were ringing off the hook giving people information for Shabbat, Kosher food and things as simple as directions and guidance to buy water, flashlights etc.
Chabad Lubavitch Center and the Chabad House at TMC were the from the only synagogues that had a minyan throughout the weekend and on Shabbat morning. We had 15 families seeking shelter on Friday night in our Shul made of brick with no windows that is essentially a building within a building.
In addition the Aishel House absorbed patients and their families (2 families; five people) that had nowhere else to go as other places closed down for the weekend and they still needed to be near the hospitals.
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