Updated quick list of efforts

Tuesday, 13 September, 2005 - 3:20 pm

In response to the many inquiries, here is a list for now of Chabad's efforts (that I know of)... as of this afternoon...
  • Daniel Gavin has been amazing at coordinating all of the volunteer efforts
  • 13 Housing units in process of being furnished (we still need sofas and other small items) and stocked with pantry and cleaning supplies (see picture of volunteers from CA assisting with the purchase of 10 cleaning supply starter sets
    (3 apartments are at the Aishel House)
  • Thank you to Mike Greenberg for koshering the units
  • 10 beds donated by Star furniture with the efforts of Maura Sellers, volunteer for the Jewish Federation and Beth Israel
  • 17 beds donated with efforts of Gary Swartz president of Beth Yeshurun
  • Other furniture donation include, kitchennete tables, end and night tables, chairs, etc. with the efforts of Holly Skolkin & Aaron Bergeron.
  • 10 students (and more coming) tuition free ($71,600 of free Jewish education) in Torah Day School.
  • 7 Torahs rescued from two Chabad Houses on Thursday
  • 5 Torahs rescued from Anshei Sfard yesterday, Sunday.
  • Chabad of S. Antonio put up a carnival at Kelley Air Force Base for the evacuee families there (
  • Hundreds of kosher meals have been prepared and delivered by our volunteers and Chabad's Aishel House.
  • 40 fresh challot to take home was presented by Chabad at Texas Medical Center for the San Diego Jewish Academy representitives who arrived with 25 tons of goods coordinated by the Jewish Federation of Houston.
  • 1 Plane load of clothing (in very good or new condition) arrived from Denver and being sorted. Families will review clothes in privacy this week. (Interested New Orleans parties please contact Daniel Gavin; [email protected])
  • $20,000 emergency cash distributed (and counting).
  • $2,500 gifts cards to clothing stores like Gap and Old Navy (and counting).
  • 100 people in Houston were counseled in person, given a warm meal, or placed in a home temporarily
  • 45 people rescued by Search and Rescue teams
  • 2 RVs sent to support the rescue effort
  • Hundreds of families were located and connected with their loved ones
  • 300 volunteers (over 100 out of town) in database ready to assist in a myriad of ways (Sat. night we placed a rescuee in a furnished apt in West U in a matter of 30 minutes thanks to the database) Over 100 have already assisted in countless ways.
  • This does not represent efforts being done by Chabad across the country including, Dallas, Memphis, and as far out as CA, FL & NY.
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