January 1st 2008 @ The Houston Collel!

Wednesday, 2 January, 2008 - 10:36 pm

After a large success on Tuesday December 25th, the Collel hosted another Learning Program for the Houston Jewish community.

"We fed our bodies and our souls" said one of the participants. Immediately after the Shacharis, everyone enjoyed a delicious hot breakfast. During breakfast, Rabbi Lazaroff adressed the crowd and thanked the sponsors of the breakfast.

Following benching, some attended the Shiur in Talmud by Rabbi Marinovsky, others attended a Shiur in Chassidut by Rabbi Vidal.

After a short coffee break, the second period began. Rabbi Marinovsky explained the concept of celebrating Shabbos according to Chassidut, while Rabbi Vidal taught some of the laws of the Shacharit prayer.

Some of the participants enjoyed learning with Chavrusas.

Thank you to the Doniger and Fishman families for sponsoring the delicious breakfast as well as Mr and Mrs Kronman, Mr Denn, Mr Tanenbaum, Mr Frydman for preparing such delicious foods.

May the merit of learning Torah bring much Brochos to all of us.

To see photos of this event click here.

Click here for a detailed program of our weekly Torah classes.


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Haim wrote...

Could you present us with a live broadcast or a recording of the classes?