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Mazel Tov Grinshtein Family

Tuesday, 6 August, 2013 - 10:39 am

  The Chabad community wishes a hearty mazel tov to     

 grandparents Victor & Devorah Grinshtein

on the birth of twin boys to 

Rabbi Aron & Shira Grinshtein
of Pretoria, South Africa 

 May we be collectively blessed with joy in our families and share happy occasions together. 

mazel tov to grandparents Victor & Devorah Grinshtein

Comments on: Mazel Tov Grinshtein Family

Cela & David Cukierman wrote...

Victor and Debbie, Mazal Tov b’Shaa Tova!
Tizcu lehachnisso bibrito shel Abraham, lamizvot, lachupa ulmaasim-tovim!
Please convey our Mazel Tov to Shira and Aron.
Cela & David

Gary wrote...

Mozel Tov

Ron Shapiro wrote...

Mazel Tov!!!
May you have Hassidsche Nachas.


Mazal Tov!!! Victor & Devorah Grinshtein and Family

on the birth of twin boys to

Rabbi Aron & Shira Grinshtein
of Pretoria, South Africa

Nu, 2 is better than one, no?