Mazel Tov TurJman Family

Thursday, 9 February, 2012 - 10:10 am

The Chabad community wishes a hearty mazel tov to

Lior and Yehudit TurJman

on the birth of a baby girl,

Rivka Bracha

May we be collectively blessed with joy in our families 
and share happy occasions together

Comments on: Mazel Tov TurJman Family

Matty malca wrote...

Mazal Tov to all your family. Wishing Baby Rivka Bracha a life full of Health, Happines and Mitvot.

Matty Malca

Hetty and Avrohm Perl wrote...

Mazel tov to the entire family on the birth of Rivka Bracha (especially Devorah Leah). May she grow to be source of joy to all those who know her.

Hetty and Avrohm Perl