Thursday, 26 February, 2009 - 1:19 pm

By Dovid Taub

The idea of G-d wanting a home in this world is one that comes up a lot and is a central theme in Chassidic Philosophy. So it's one that I thought about quite often. Usually I think of it in terms of us making the world a Home for G-d by filling it with things we know make Him happy, and by making it clear that it (the world) belongs to Him. And the Mishkan (the portable temple that we learn about in this week'sTorah Portion) is an even more tangible representation of that.

But while I was researching ideas for this vignette, I came across a different way of looking at it that I hadn't thought about before--thatG-d wants a home for us and Him, because he desires such a close relationship with us, like a family, that we need our own private home where we can fully experience that closeness.

I just thought that this way of looking at it was so beautiful, that I wanted to share it. Of course, my version of beautiful comes out as quirky and absurd.

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