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Shabbos Chazon & Tisha B'Av Schedule

Friday, 8 August, 2008 - 12:48 pm

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Shabbos Chazon & Tisha B'Av Schedule

  • Visit www.chabadtexas.org/holidays/3weeks for guides, calendar, times, insights, multimedia and more.
  • For more laws and customs of Tisha Bav click here.
  • In the unfortunate case that Moshiach is not here yet, please note the following schedule:

Friday, August 8:
Candle Lighting: 7:51 pm
Mincha & Kabbolas Shabbos8:00 pm

Shabbos, August 9:
Shiur Chassidus: 8:55 am
Shacharis: 10:00 am

  • 1:27 pm: Mourning practices--such as refraining from Torah study other than texts related to the events and nature of the fast day--are observed beginning from midday today.

Mincha Option #1: 2:00 pm
Mincha Option #2: 7:50 pm

  • On Shabbos afternoon  one must finish eating before sunset (8:08 pm).
  • As it is Shabbos, One may eat whatever they wish, including meat and wine.
  • We do not eat the egg and bread dipped in ashes as on Shabbos we may not observe mourning customs.

Fast Begins: 8:08 pm
Shabbos Ends: 8:46 pm

  • During Maariv we include the usual insertion of "Ata Chonantanu".
  • Those who do not daven Maariv should recite: "Baruch haMavdil ben Kodesh leChol"
  • Change from leather shoes.
  • Havdalah is not recited, but one lights an havdalla candle and says Bore Me'orei Haesh.

Maariv & Eicha: 9:00 pm

  • Those coming after Shabbos to Shul from home, may change to weekday clothes AFTER Shabbos ends (8:46 pm). Those already in Shul from Shabbos, will only remove their Shoes after Borchu of Maariv.
  • We abstain from eating and drinking, bathing, the wearing of leather footwear, and marital relations--for the night and day of Av 9 (i.e., from sundown on Av 8 to nightfall on Av 9).
  • It is customary to sit on the floor or a low seat until after mid-day on Sunday (1:27 pm).
  • Torah study is restricted to laws of mourning, passages describing the destruction of the Temple, and the like.
  • The tefillin are worn only during the afternoon Minchah prayers.

SundayAugust 10:

  • Wash hands only until knuckles

Shacharis & Kinus: 8:00 am
Teffilin & Mincha: 7:00 pm
Fast EndsMaariv: 8:32 pm

  • The full Havdalah (on wine) is recited at the conclusion of the fast, however the brochos of fire (Bore Me'orei Haesh) and spices (Bore Minei Besamim) are omitted.
  • Ritually wash hands (without brocha) followed by Kiddush Levana.
  • One should refrain from eating meat, drinking wine (other than havdalla), bathing, or cutting one's hair until midday (1:27 pm) on the tenth of Av.
When the well known halachic authority, Rabbi Gavriel Zinner, wrote his work on the Three Weeks, called Nit'ei Gavriel, he showed a copy to the Rebbe and asked for his blessing on it. The Rebbe blessed him and noted that the most important Halachah of the Three Weeks and the Nine Days is the obligation to not only nullify (make Batel) this mourning period, but to actually convert these days into days of joy and celebration - through bringing Moshiach to rebuild the Third Temple. (Likutei Sichot vol. 33, p. 297)
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