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Fundraising for Jewish Houston Just Getting Started

Flooded with Kindness

Virginia Volunteers: Boots on the Ground

Detroit Sending Supply Stuck to Houston

Cteen Kick Event to help Hurricane Relief

Ambassador of Israel at the UN, Danny Danon Briefed

Aggies Help in West Houston

Sabas Wok & Grill to open today

Shluchim Emissaries are heading to Houston


Over 150 students from 7 campuses and 50 convoy

Jewish Aggies help Houston

Church Pastor Collects Supplies

Team Austin & UT

Team YJP Houston


Dallas has Arrived!

Plastic Surgeon On-Site

Manya Lazaroff - A&M Live from Relief Kitchen

S. Antonio is on-site.

Chabad Center for Jewish Life & Learning - S. Antonio is on-site. Thank you, Rabbi Levi Teldon for your hands on support in helping Houston communities rebuild. floodedwithkindness


Rabbi-Turned-Truck-Driver Rushes Kosher Food to Houston



Rabbi Dov Mandel (right), director of Chabad of Fort Worth, stands with Rabbi Mendy Traxler of Chabad of Houston. A truck carrying kosher food from Miami was unable to make it to Houston due to flooding and closures and was re-routed to Dallas. Mandel transferred the goods into a truck he rented and drove it down to Houston himself. Credit: Elisheva Golani/Chabad Harvey Relief.

With much of Houston's kosher food supplies ruined by catastrophic floods, the first refrigerated truck with kosher staples arrived in Houston late last week just in time for Shabbat. The driver? Rabbi Dov Mandel, director of Chabad-Lubavitch of Fort Worth, about a four hour drive northwest of Houston. The truck’s contents included meat, poultry, milk and other perishables, and originated in Miami earlier in the week. More...



Awesome bunch (and some) of Rice University students

Texas A&M Source of Relief Materials

Command Center Closed for Shabbos

 In observance of the Jewish Shabbat, Chabad Harvey Relief efforts will be offline beginning 5pm Friday. We will resume answering calls at 10pm Saturday night. The relief and volunteer office at 11000 Fondren will open to the public on Sunday at 9am. Thank you for your understanding and a big warm Shabbat Shalom from all of us at Chabad!

San Antonio Volunteers Coming to Houston

Not Only A Giant Pot of Chicken Soup

Photos the Day After: Chabad Rabbi Brings Relief to Harvey Victims


Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Naftoli Schmukler, left, of Corpus Christi, Texas, embraces and comforts Ed Flower, a business owner whose store was destroyed in Port Aransas, Texas, on Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017. (Credit: Verónica G. Cárdenas /, Texas—Hurricane Harvey first made landfall in the Corpus Christi area late Friday, slamming the towns of Rockport and Port Aransas. It continued up through the bay area and into Houston, bringing with it a storm surge of devastating proportions. Homes and businesses are under water. Today, more than 30,000 displaced people are being housed in 230 shelters across the state, and Chabad-Lubavitch of Texas has mobilized to respond to the disaster. More...


Chabad Rabbi Brings Relief to Harvey Victims

Army of Chabad on Campus Volunteers Descending on Houston

 Leah Sherman, a native of Memphis, Tenn., who is majoring in bioengineering at Rice University in Houston has been volunteering with a group from Chabad on Campus all week long.With the raging winds of Hurricane Harvey gone, and the floodwaters beginning to subside, the focus is now turning to salvaging homes and belongings before they are destroyed by mold, water, and moisture.

In a race against time, hundreds of young volunteers from Chabad centers on campuses from as far away as Boulder, Colo., are making their way to Houston this Sunday to join the army of local volunteers that has been functioning out of a Chabad-center-turned-command-post since the storm hit.

Already on the ground since Tuesday are an estimated 200 volunteers from Chabad at Rice University, who are currently helping residents tear up carpets, remove waterlogged drywall, and pack and store salvageable belongings. More...





I can't believe our community has to face another devastating disaster is such a short period of time. Our hearts and minds, souls and soles, muscles and smiles have been a small way to show our embrace for those who have been affected by the storm Harvey, a storm of incomprehensible proportions.


On that note, and at the same time, an incomprehensible proportions of support have been shown from around the world supporting the efforts of our local 11 Chabad centers, their Shluchim couple leaders, empowering an army of over 500 volunteers clocking 1000's of hours, to try to reach everyone who needed to be shelter in place, providing emergency kosher warm meals to those evacuated to hotels and shelters, replacing the kosher meat and food no longer available, emergency replacements supplies of food and cleanup materials, with support from all over the world, all the while while the Rabbis themselves were stranded in their homes - what better time is there than write a hurricane diary? As soon as the water receded enough, relief trucks started flowing down to Houston with many convoys to follow. It even postponed a wedding but didn't stop the bride and groom to show love for others and CTeen helped with supplies, cleanup and challah for Shabbos! Now that the cleanup effort has begun in earnest, the children needed a place to go - for a pop up camp! The world over is watching as reported by media worldwide, and it has never been a greater time to have so much pride in our local, statewide, national and international Jewish community!


Do you need help? Do you want to help? Please sign up at

THERE ARE MANY HOMES THAT MUST BE REACHED ASAP TO HELP PACK OUT! We need your help now, most importantly, to reach them to show our compassion and love throughout the greater Houston Metropolitan area! Please register at and / or just show up at central command 11000 Fondren Rd. at 9 am Friday, Sunday and Monday to help this massive cleanup effort!

Join young Jewish professionals from Austin, Dallas Houston and S. Antonio as we go out in force to help the massive cleanup effort and show compassion to our our neighbors throughout the greater Houston area. Sign up to volunteer at

Support the #ChabadHarveyRelief effort, by clicking here.

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