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Chabad Emergency Relief

Rice Students Help in Chabad Harvey Relief Effort

The Woodlands thanks volunteers

The Events of Hurricane Harvey

How long does it take for a city to mourn what it was?

How long does it take for a city to mourn what it was? Already, our homes smell of moldy dreams. We are giant, bursting, a million stadiums of people. We fill a state with our voice. Yet our firm, reaching walls fall beneath the drumbeat of heaven's tiny raindrops. What is a raindrop beside a person? What is a raindrop beside Texas? Falling quickly, unstopping; within hours, it has flooded the land.

The storm is a bursting giant. A million streets overflow into Houston homes. Water gushes through the windows. Nothing can barricade its force.

Born quickly, stumbling, kindness reaches out its hand like an unexpected leak. People push out makeshift buckets, catching tiny droplets of care. Dry neighbors drive their cars to the edge of the storm, jump in, soaked, offer stranded passerby a ride. 'Come. I have cookies in my car. You are safe now.' Someone rows a boat across the bayou to rescue a father huddling in a dripping car. A pickup truck wades through murky road. A helicopter swoops down on drowning rooftops. An entire fridge is thrown onto the stove by a thin, worried hand. Within hours, it is slipping down to warm a quivering belly. Everyone knows somebody who has a two story home. Everybody knows somebody who could stay there.

The dry homes are wet with tears for the backyard's neighbor. Strangers lay themselves out like sandbags to absorb someone else's pain. It seems hearts can rebuild more people than this hurricane has destroyed.

How long does it take for a city to mourn what it was? It's been three days, and thousands of volunteers are already ripping out strangers' sheetrock. There is no space here for the mold to grow.

We are flooding the land, and we are walking. We are moving forward, together, on wobbly feet.


To be a part of Houston's rebuilding, you can sign up at chabadhouston.com/relief to volunteer, donate or host. 100% of the donations go directly to those in need. Together, we will rebuild all that was lost.


Rice Students Work to Rebuild Houston


 food and supply bank.jpeg

Rice Students Volunteer in Relief Effort

Chabad of Woodlands Prepare Meals for North Houston

More Meals Distributed through Chabad's Aishel House

Chabad Harvey Relief Soup Kitchen LIVE!

Twitter News Feed

Volunteer Diary

Chabad Harvey Emergency Center LIVE!

Aishel House Inspires Volunteers in the Kitchen

You can help!

Volunteers Needed

Chabad at Texas A&M Delivers Emergency Supplies

Kosher Meat Delivered to Corpus Jewish Community

Volunteers Deliver Meals

Rice Students Volunteer in Meal Prep

Holding on to Hope Amid Catastrophe

Supply Needed

If you know someone who was impacted by the storm, please fill out this form with information about how we can help them. 


OR call our hotline 832-240-5400

Chabad is set up to receive donations that we will distribute as they come in. Trucks will be coming in from it of town as soon as they can get in, but in the meantime--if local people can locate and donate these items we can begin to help.

Items can be delivered to: 
CHABAD HARVEY RELIEF 11000 Fondren Rd b104, Houston, TX 77096

Helpful items include:

Gift cards in denominations of $50 or less to Target, Walmart, Etc. (most helpful)

Workers gloves

Disposable gloves

Contractor bags 


Duct tape

Paper towel

Packing tape



Clorox wipes


Packing boxes


green beans



tomato sauce







peanut butter





cases of water

cleaning products




Contractor Heavy Duty Trash Bags 


Aishel House Live

Aishel House Prepares Fresh Meals



Due to the extremely unusual situation we are in, the laws about when a woman can go to Mikva are different than during regular circumstances.

If you are past day 7, or have special circumstances, you may immerse during the daytime, if that is the only time that it is safe for you to come to this area.  If you have any halachic questions about this in your particular situation, please contact your Rav.

If you are in this situation, please contact Mrs. Lazaroff (713-870-4300) who will tell you the additional information that you need to know about accessing the Mikvah. 

We can also do our best to help you get to this area via large vehicles if you need that help.

Chabad Harvey Relief

חב"ד סיוע הוריקן הארווי

חב"ד סיוע הוריקן הארווי

הוריקן הארווי השאיר אחריו הרס על כל יוסטון היקר שלנו חב"ד יוסטון עכשיו מגויס כדי לעזור עם מה שנדרש.


* אם היית/ה מושפע/ת מהסערה, נא מלא/י את הטופס הזה עם מידע על האופן שבו נוכל לעזור לך.


*אם את/ה יכול/ה להתנדב, מלא/י טופס זה.


אם את/ה יכול/ה לעזור בתרומה כספית כאן הוא הקישור לעשות זאת. כל תרומה תלך ישירות לעזור לנזקקים. www.chabadhouston.com/relief


זה מצב הרסני, אבל יחד אנחנו יכולים לעבור את זה!

Hatzolah Los Angeles Headed to Houston

 hatzolah LA.jpeg
Members of Los Angeles Hatzola on the way to Houston 

Dinner Meals Sent Out

Chabad of Sugarland Evacuates

Lunch Meals Prepared

Ask for Kosher MRE

On the ground in Corpus

Rescue Truck


When the rain slowed down, Tomer and Moshiko took the chance to drive to the airport to pick up a rescue truck. We are in the Meyerland area, please share and let us know of any neighbors, friends and family that needs rescuing.

Posted by Basya Benshushan on Sunday, August 27, 2017

Community members boat rescue

Aishel House - Medical Center Update

Front steps of Chabad Texas headquarters

Austin open to evacuees

Fondren & Portal

Kirby & N. Braeswood

Many community members flooded, Chabad Houses reporting ok

Many have asked for updates. We will post here as they become available. You may donate to the Storm Relief Fund at www.chabadhouston.com/donate

League City Update

Bellaire Update

Rooftop rescue

The Woodlands Update

Transtar pics of highway

Rescue from parking lot

Go to roof not attic

High and dry at Aishel House near Medical Center

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