Chabad Emergency Relief

Prayer Service & Lecture

Hurricane  Katrina
Prayer  Service & Lecture
Led by: Rabbi Zelig Rivkin & family
Director of: Chabad Lubavitch of Louisiana
in New Orleans
Thursday night, September 1, 2005
Everyone is  Welcome
At the: Chabad Lubavitch Center
10900 Fondren Road

Rabbi Zelig Rivkin, Regional  director of Chabad-Lubavitch to the state of Louisiana, mother and family arrived late on Tuesday in Houston, Texas after being forced to leave due to rising waters. They resolved to stay in their location as long as possible to help their fellow Jews until the very last moment, as several people contacted him that could not get out of the city, so they invited them into their house.
His son Rabbi Yochanan Rivkin and his family  were safely evacuated from New Orleans where he  and his wife serve as directors of the Chabad Jewish Student Center at Tulane University.  The Rivkin family have been staying at  the Lubavitch/Chabad Jewish Student  Center in Gainesville since Monday,  were he has been working tirelessly connecting students, families and other  resources for the victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrina.
Rabbi Yossi Nemes who serves as  director of the Chabad Jewish Center in Metairie, LA had stayed behind to help  tourists and locals and was on the top floor of his house located in a heavily flooded area and is in the process of being safely evacuated, to Memphis, TN.
An updated diary, and more may be found at 
To volunteer or assist for Chabad's local efforts please visit We are in contact with Harris County Disaster Relief and they have asked for volunteers to help set up and coordinate the shelter in the Astrodome. You may sign up online.

Emergency Letter

Dear Friend,

Many families from the New Orleans disaster area have been turning to Chabad to assist them with hospitality, kosher food, and guidance. News agencies have been reporting that families will be stranded for a month or more.

Our phones have been ringing and we are turning to you for help.

Utilizing our multiple branches, Chabad has created a Chabad Hurricane Relief Effort, to host, feed and support the families pouring in from the disaster area.

If you are able to assist with

  • Food
  • Hospitality
  • Clothing
  • Immediate Cash Assistance
  • or anything else...

To help, please fill out this simple online form by clicking here.

Updates from New Orleans, a diary, relief efforts and to donate for their relief and rebuilding efforts, visit the Chabad of New Orleans website.

May we only share good news,

Chabad of Houston
Hurricane Relief Committee

Donation Information

Chabad has created a relief fund for evacuees arriving in the Houston area. Every penny will go directly to support the local Houston effort or to help rebuild the communities in New Orleans.

To support Chabad of Houston's Evacuee Assistance effort, click here.

To support Chabad of New Orleans Hurricane Relief effort, click here.

Or send you tax deductible contribution t
Chabad Hurricane Relief
10900 Fondren Road
Houston, Texas 77096

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