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UPDATE: Randalls Breads - Dairy Oven

HKA has informed MKT that Randalls Meyer Park Pareve oven was fixed yesterday. In keeping with MKT's policies, MKT has determined that all breads baked and labeled as packed from today on, Thursday, May 31, can be purchased as Pareve without any questions.

ALERT: Randalls Breads - Dairy Oven

Kashrus Alert

The pareve oven at Randalls Meyer Park went down this morning, Tuesday, May 29. Any pareve items baked in Randalls since then may have been baked in the dairy oven.

Please be advised to refrain from buying any breads or pareve items from Randalls Meyer Park until further notice.

Any Pareve bakery products bought on Monday or earlier were indeed baked in the Pareve oven.

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