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Checked Lettuce for Pesach - Kosher Green Delights

Kashrus Annoucement 

We are pleased to inform you that Kosher Green Delights is under the certification of Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas.

They produce Romaine Lettuce Hearts individually checked for bugs with a light box under MKT Hashgacha for Passover and all year round.

2 heads for $8.00, 4 heads for $15.00 - Minimum order of 8 heads of lettuce

Orders for Passover are due by Friday March 27

For more information please contact Ofir Azran 513.601.5310 or via email at [email protected]

ALERT: No Pesach Genesis Prime Steakhouse certification or Randalls approval

Please be advised that  MKT does not certify Genesis Prime Steakhouse or approve Randalls Kosher counter for Pesach.

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