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UPDATE: Randalls Breads - Dairy Oven

Kashrus Update

The Randalls Meyer Park pareve oven was fixed yesterday. All breads baked from today on, Tuesday, April 24, can be purchased as pareve without any questions.

ALERT: Randalls Breads - Dairy Oven

Kashrus Alert

The pareve oven at Randalls Meyer Park went down this morning, Monday, April 23. Any breads baked in Randalls since then may have been baked in the dairy oven. 

Please be advised to refrain from buying any breads from Randalls Meyer Park until further notice.

Any Pareve bakery products bought on Sunday or earlier were indeed baked in the Pareve oven.

Post Pesach Chametz Alert

Post Pesach Chametz Alert

It is prohibited to buy chametz from a store owned by a Jew who did not observe the prohibition against possessing chametz on Pesach.

All MKT certified or accepted establishments (as listed on sold their Chametz for Pesach or are not owned by Jews.

To the best of our knowedge the following stores carry many kosher Chametz items and one is permitted to purchase all chametz from them:

PERMITTED: Costco, CVS, Dollar Tree, HEB, Krogers, Randalls, Sam's Club, Target, Walgreens Whole Foods & Walmart

As far as MKT is advised, the following stores are owned by Jews and one should refrain from purchasing general Chametz items for a period of 30 days from the following stores:

REFRAIN: Belden's*, Rice Epicurean, Fiesta, and 99¢ Only Stores.

*NOTE: Belden's did have a Sale of Chametz that can be relied on only for the Kosher food department, i.e. Kosher Frozen Pizza or Paskesz Cookies, but, not for the kosher products in the general food department, i.e. Cheerios or Pasta.

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