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Aroma Classique now completely Chalav Yisrael

Aroma Classique located at 3953 Richmond Ave. (across from Costco), under kosher supervision by Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas, is now completely Chalav Yisroel for all products served on premesis.

It is certified as Chalav Yisrael and Pas Yisrael.

In addition to their extensive menu, they also have limited quantities of Chalav Yisrael for sale available in half gallons for $3.00 each. 

713-599-1119 | 

Kashrus Alert - Krogers Chocolate Chips

Krogers brand chocolate chips certified by the OK as Kosher Pareve are under a Kroger initiated recall for traces of dairy.

This applies to any product that has a "best buy" date of AFTER and including Nov. 12, 2012.

If the date is from before Nov. 12, 2012 it can be considered Pareve.

Below is a copy and link of the recall


Affected in Kroger stores located in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Knoxville, Tennessee, Greater Cincinnati, including Northern Kentucky, Dayton, OH and South Eastern Indiana, Central and Northwest Ohio and N. West Virginia panhandle, Michigan, Indiana (except SW IN, -Evansville-), Illinois, Eastern Missouri, Greater Louisville (including Indiana), Lexington, and Nashville, TN, Greater Memphis, TN, Arkansas, Mississippi and Western Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, Eastern WV, Eastern Kentucky, SE Ohio, Texas and Louisiana; Dillons, Food 4 Less, Food 4 Less Midwest, Fry's, Jay C, Ralphs & Smith's

Reason: The product may contain MILK and, if eaten, could result in severe allergic reactions in persons sensitive to MILK.

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