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Aroma Classique

Aroma Classique located at 3953 Richmond Ave. (across from Costco) is now under kosher supervision by Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas.

It is certified as Chalav Yisrael and Pas Yisrael. Select Bakery Products are Pareve.

IMPORTANT / TEMPORARILY: Cholov Yisroel for Coffee and Latte are only available upon request.

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Kashrus of events

Due to many inquiries, we would like to clarify that we take responsibility only for restaurants, catering and events that have MKT kosher certification present at the venue where the food is being served.

Regardless of the source of the food, the consumer should ensure that either:

  • A MKT seal is intact
  • A kosher certificate is present in the establishment
  • A signed tent-card with the MKT's Mashigiach certification is presented on the buffet or tables.

If a certification certificate or tent card is not present, we take absolutely no responsibility of the kashrus of the event.

Wishing you a freilechen Chanukah,

Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas

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