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Chassidishe Shechita Meat Sources

In response to the various requests of what shechitas are available for those consumers seeking Chassidishe Shechita, here is a list of meats that may be available in the various Houston supermarkets in its original packaging.
  1. Aaron's Best (Weissmandel)
  2. Supreme Kosher (Nitra-Monsey)
  3. Shor Habor (Crown Heights)  
  4. Weiss (Crown Heights)
  5. David Elliot (Crown Heights 
  6. Glatts (Montreal)
  7. Chai Chicken (Toronto)
  8. Meal Mart (Nirbartur)
  9. International (Debritzin)
The MKT certified establishments Suzies Grill and Sub on the Way are still serving meats produced by Agriprocessors (1-3) at this time.
The Randalls Kosher Deli, which has been accepted in the past by MKT,  has begun using other glatt kosher meat sources including Empire Kosher (OU)  and Rosenblatt (OU / CRC).
The MKT  is still accepting dishes prepared at Randalls Kosher deli at this time. However, those seeking Chassidishe Shechitas must request clarification on each individual order from the mashgiach present at time of purchase. 
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