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MKT Kashrus Alerts, Annoucements & Updates

ANNOUNCEMENT: Shefa Bakery & Cafe

Kashrus Announcement
Shefa Bakery & Cafe (4530 Beechnut St. 713-664-3100) is now under the Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas (Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff, Rav Hamachshir). It is certified as Glatt Kosher, Pas Yisroel & Bishul Yisroel. Select bakery & take-out products are Pareve. Individual take-out & pareve products must bear certifying label. Rubashkin shechita is available on select products upon request.
Other local establishments currently under the MKT:
Super Pita Bakery - 9806 Hilcroft 713-723-6400
Suzies Grill - 5925 S. Braeswood 713-729-5741
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