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Baruch Dayan Emes - Moshe Gelrud, a"h

Our sincere condolenes are extended to the Gelrud family upon the passing of their brother and our beloved candyman, Moshe Yoel ben Yitzchak, Halevi, Gelrud, o.b.m.

The funeral will be held in Israel on Sunday.

May we only share simchos. 

Hamakom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shaar Aveilei Tziyon V'Yerushalayim 

New Center in Bellaire

New Center for Jewish Life & Learning opens in Bellaire 

Rabbi Yossi & Esty ZaklikofskyRabbi Shimon Lazaroff, regional director for Chabad Lubavitch of Texas has recently announced the opening of a new a new branch in Bellaire, serving the needs of the large Jewish population in the area with Rabbi Yossi and Esty Zaklikofsky as its directors.

Rabbi Yossi and Esty Zaklikofsky, from Detroit and Brooklyn respectively, spent the last two years creating and serving the Jewish community in the Pearland area. As they establish the new center in Bellaire they will continue to serve the Pearland Jewish community, eventually appointing a new couple to assume the Pearland position. They will work closely with the many existing Bellaire Jewish institutions, ensuring a wholesome Jewish community and Jewish future.

The Zaklikofskys are already residents of their new Bellaire community and have made some wonderful new friends in the short time since their arrival. “The response has been phenomenal” He said, “everyone that hears about it, is very excited about the prospect of a location right here in the community”.

Regular classes have already begun and very soon they will introduce an array of highly attractive programming serving all segments of the community, including specially designed programs for children.

Learn more on their website: or call 713-256-3737 for more information.

Chabad of Bellaire is an affiliate of Chabad Lubavitch of Texas, serving the greater Houston Community with eight branches and twelve Rabbis, offering an array of Jewish outreach, education and social services. For more information visit and




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About Chabad of Texas

Texas is home to 100,000 Jews, the majority of whom have felt the positive influence of the state's twenty Chabad-Lubavitch institutions. For many Jews in Texas, Chabad-Lubavitch is the only place they can learn about their Jewish tradition.

Centers in Austin , College StationDallas, El PasoFort Worth, Houston, PlanoS. Antonio & Sugar Land service their respective communities with schools, synagogues, day camps, mikvaot and a growing variety of classes for all ages.

Our Mission Statement

Chabad Lubavitch worldwide is dedicated to serving Jews of all ages with Ahavat Yisroel regardless of religious background or affiliation.

Comprising multiple organizations and programs. Chabad Lubavitch of Texas provides the education and means to promote Jewish awareness, knowledge and practice through outreach, education and social services ensuring Jewish continuity.

Chabad encourages positive action on the part of every Jew and facilitates the efforts of every organization or group to increase Jewish knowledge and observance.


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