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Tisha B'av Schedule & Times

Chabad Lubavitch Center - 10900 Fondren Road

Wednesday, July 29
1:28 pm Torah Study restricted to section pertaining to Beis Hamikdash
6:30 pm Mincha (Tachanun Omitted)
Eat regular meal
Eat Seudat Hamafsekes (sitting on low chair or floor, bread and egg dipped in ashes)
8:17 pm Fast Begins
8:45 pm Maariv followed by Eicha

Thursday, July 30
Ritually wash only until knuckles.
Skip She'asa Li Kol Tzarki
Sit on low chair or floor until midday
Extra Tzedaka on Fast Days
7:00 am Shacharis #1
8:00 am Shacharis #2
    Talis & Teffilin not worn until Mincha
    Torah Reading in Shacharis
    Book of Kinus
1:28 pm - Midday
    Preferable to refrain from work all day. If one must, preferable to wait until this time.
    Customary to wait until this time to prepare post fast meals
    Permitted to sit on regular chairs at this time
7:00 pm Mincha
    Don talis & teffilin before Mincha
    Conclude prayers omitted from Shacharis
    Torah Reading & Haftorah in Mincha
    Add nachem & aneinu to Shmone Esrei
8:42 pm Fast Ends
    Wash netilas yuadayim until wrist before breaking fast
8:48 pm Maariv & Kiddush Levana

Friday, July 31
As it is Erev Shabbos, on Friday morning, one may wash, bathe and cut hair in honor of Shabbos
1:28 pm Nine day restrictions such as meat and swimming extend until midday.

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