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  1. “Days of Guilt or Days of Joy?” – Discover the secret to transformative High Holidays! Instructor: Mrs. Gitty Francis & Kesem Mia Hetsrony
  2. “Rosh Hashanah 101: What? When? Why? How?” – A ‘crash course’ on the fundamentals of the Jewish New Year. Instructor: Rebbetzin Chiena Lazaroff
  3. “Our Father Our King” – A quick look at the rich, complex & multifaceted relationship, between a Jew and G‑d. Instructors: Mrs. Chanie Lazaroff & Esty Zaklikofsky
  4. “The Shofar's Cry” – Explore the spiritual essence of the Shofar blowing. Instructor: Mrs. Mushky Lazaroff
  5. “Dear G‑d, Can You Hear Me?” – How a childless woman’s story became the measuring stick for Jewish prayer. Instructor: Mrs. Nechama Slonim
  6. “Foods, Flavors & Fascinating Facts” – A quick overview of the history, tradition and symbolism associated with customary holiday foods. Instructor: Mrs. Elisa Goldstein