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Mikvah Building Class

Mikvah Building Class


B”H *** Have you ever wondered how a Kosher Mikvah is built? *** THE *** HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLEL *** IS PROUD TO PRESENT *** “Understanding Mikvah” *** HOW TO BUILD A KOSHER MIKVAH *** ALONG WITH A TOUR OF THE NEWLY BUILT DISH MIKVAH AND WOMEN'S MIKVEH WHICH IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THE METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION *** A two week series *** By Rabbi Y. Vidal *** This Sunday *** 30 Menachem-Av (Rosh Chodesh Elul) 5768 *** August 31st 2008 *** @ 10:15 AM *** Shacharis @ 8 AM *** Followed by breakfast and learning! *** *** For more information, please contact Rabbi Vidal on (713) 777-2000

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